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When you commit to us, we commit to you. The Tax Results' money back guarantee is the best in the industry. While most companies talk about results, Tax Results guarantees them. The Tax Results guarantee should not only give you reassurance, it shows a level of commitment to the cases we accept. While we do not accept all cases, if your case is accepted, the Guarantee goes to work for you. The process is straight forward. If you provide the necessary information, documents, and authorization, we do the rest!

Your only obligation is to provide the information, documents, authorizations and time to complete your case. You must also sign and return the Tax Results Guarantee Acceptance when you become a client to ensure that you understand the terms & conditions of our Guarantee and are committed to helping us solve your case.

We Provide maximum resolution allowed by law for Income Tax Problems.
We Examine your filing history to make sure that you carry no unnecessary tax indebtedness.
We assure that you have received every deduction for which you are eligible.
We amend previous years of Income Tax Returns to correct errors or claim missed deductions.
We assist with Taxing Authority (ie: IRS or State Treasury) indebtedness/collection issues.
We pursue penalty abatements.
We will petition the Taxing Authorities for "currently not collectable" status whenever possible.
We will submit an Offer in Compromise whenever eligibility is clear or likely.
We will negotiate an Installment Agreement(s) if there are balances that you cannot pay in full.

We deal with Taxing Authority (IRS and State) to halt Enforced Collection Efforts like Bank Levy, Wage Garnishment, Tax Liens and Property Seizure. Tax Results will make every effort allowed by law to cease collection activity by the Taxing Authority within 24 hours of client providing complete and necessary information and documentation.

Our Guarantee puts us under extreme pressure to negotiate on your behalf. Where others will dance around the subject; we will stand by your side! Most companies talk about results, we Guarantee them! Sound too good to be true?.... IT'S NOT!