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Case Studies

Offer in Compromise (Michigan)- J.S. from Rochester, MI owes over $324,000 in back taxes. Offer in Compromise settles for $12,000

Payment Plan (California) M.T. owes over $50,000. Negotiate Payment Plan with payments of $434 per month for only one year equaling $9,114, to save M.T. $41,000 in taxes

Innocent Spouse (Colorado) T.W. owes $675,000. File an innocent spouse claim for her and after working with the IRS T.W. owe the IRS $0!

Bank Levy, Payment Plan (Michigan) Client has over $150,000 on deposit with his bank, but owed over $500,000 in back taxes, penalties and interest. The revenue officer assigned to his case had levied on his bank account, and the $150,000 was about to be sent by the bank to the IRS. We intervene and convince the revenue officer to cancel the levy and accept a reasonable payment plan from our client.

Substitute For Returns (Indiana) Client had not filed returns since 1991. Over 10 years of returns were due. The IRS had filed Substitutes for his returns (SFR), assessing in excess of $2,600,000 of taxes, penalties and interest. Prepare 22 years of returns for him and have the IRS accept them for a reduced tax assessment of less than $100,000.

Tax Audit (Florida) Client is being audited by a local IRS office. An unlicensed tax preparer had prepared his returns and had understated his gross income in excess of 25%; an automatic fraud issue. The auditor was preparing the case for referral to the criminal division of the Justice Department when the client hires us to intervene. We persuade auditor to assess additional taxes along with a civil fraud penalty, without referring the case to special agents for the criminal division.

Offer in Compromise (California) Client in the entertainment industry as a comedian for over twenty years. Because of bad accounting advice, he develops an outstanding IRS debt of $30,000. Submit OIC to settle for $500